Friday, October 5, 2007

So, We Meet Again

The first time I met this tree, I fell head-over-heels in love with it.

Simply gorgeous tree. Look at those broad green leaves! Look at the graceful overall shape! Look at the FLOWERS!

When I first met it, I remember lying on my back and staring up into its leaves and flowers, practically hypnotized by it. And for some reason, no one could tell me what its name was (which was ridiculously ironic, seeing how I was working as a "gardener" for BYU Grounds at the time, and none of the head "gardeners" could tell me the name of one tree). It took me nine years before I finally learned that it is called the Indian Bean Tree or Catalpa (the name is misleading: it is not a transplant from India--it is native to the US).

Here's a close-up of the flowers:
I mean, really, could a tree be any more beautiful? I was enthralled.

Until I had a dream about it.

See, my subconscious regularly produces a carnival of odd and flashy images for my nighttime enjoyment. Take, for example, the Barbie Wheel o' Destruction1, the Magical Flying Church Pew2, The Time-Traveling Tent of Whiteness3, or Elisa versus the 1000 Legolases4. It even messes up the simple exercise of counting sheep5.

My subconscious also has a nasty habit of taking things that I find beautiful and wonderful and changing them into something that is horrible and terrifying6. (Why it plays such a mean trick is between me and my subconscious, but I'm getting wise to that sucker.)

It took this beautiful tree and had each flower dipped in blood and burning with a flame that consumed nothing. That's it. Just a really freaky symbol7. Oh, and did I mention the overwhelming sense of EVIL I felt in my dream?

Thanks a lot, subconscious. I've never been able to look at this tree the same way since. *shudder*

P.S. Oct 10: I just found a contest for "things that scare you" and I just entered this post. Maybe you should post something, too! (Just don't neglect my contests...)

  1. Yes, I'm serious. Picture a monster truck arena, spotlights flashing all over the place, and the announcer booms, "AND NOW PRESENTING THE BARBIE WHEEL O' DESTRUCTION!!!" And it appears: something like a tractor with a humongous hamster wheel attached to the front, and inside the wheel are trapped many scantily-clad, heavily-makeuped women. Angry women. Then more gates open up in the sides of the arena, and many terrified young men named Ken are released into the arena. And the Barbie Wheel o' Destruction chases after each, and the women rip him to shreds while shouting rather lewd and degrading things at him. Yes, I did have some huge issues with feminism and men in my life; yes, I have been to therapy; and no, I am not making this dream up.
  2. I had a dream about being bored at church. And I found two buttons under the seat. I pressed one, and the pew shot straight up through the ceiling and flew me all the way to my grandma's house in Peru. I don't have a grandmother who lives in Peru, but that's dreams for ya.
  3. Yup. You went in to the tent. It was very white. When you came out again, you were in a different time. No biggie.
  4. I really enjoyed this one. My friend Elisa (hi, dear! I see you lurking!!), like so many others, was smitten by the loveliness that is Orlando Bloom. I had a dream that was populated with nothing but Legolases: there were good ones, mean ones, punk ones (mohawks and all), rogue ones (buzzed heads), cowards and heroes, even a female version of Legolas: but they were all Legolas. And poor Elisa was sitting in a corner wringing her hands because she couldn't decide which one she wanted.
  5. You'd think counting sheep would be simple. Sheep jump over a fence, one by one, and they each have a number on them. No big deal, right? But sheep #8 did a backflip, and sheep #9 levitated right over. Which surprised me so much I laughed myself right out of my near-sleep state.
  6. Don't ask me about my dreams about carnivals or grandfather clocks. Eek.
  7. And I've tried looking it up, too. But I never did find out what it was supposed to mean. Maybe in another nine years?


Jennifer B. said...

Oh Wynne! How creepy. I hope you dream something nice tonight.


Pandy said...

Wow, you have some crazy dreams too!

*sniffle* *tears*

I don't feel so alone!

Elizabeth-W said...

Don't you love those kind of dreams? Both times I was pregnant I had dreams like that every, no exaggeration, night. I looked forward to going to bed because I knew it was going to be highly entertaining. But ever since mostly my dreams are highly explainable, rather dull :( So sad.

Anonymous said...

My husband has really detailed dreams that follow logical order and yet are totally insane. I have a few fun and crazy ones, but not like his. Thanks for sharing!

Jean Knee said...

we had a catalpa in the house I grew up in. I never dreamed about it but I did play sinbad the sailor with my long catalpa seed pods.
and the flowers were popcorn a lot.

I am so much freakin fun

wynne said...

jennifer 2BORNO2B--I actually dreamed of...what was it? Mermaids? But they were trying to eat each other. So much for "nice."

pandy--I think I knew this about you. Didn't we used to compare dreams, once upon a time?

elizabeth--hmm. Preggars-induced crazy dreams? What was it? The hormones? Having to use the bathroom every three hours? (Were any of those dreams like the movie "Alien," by chance? Something about having someone moving around inside me made me think of that movie. Too much.)

tirzah--Now you've got me curious. What are his crazy dreams?

jean knee--did you know that the roots of the catalpa are poisonous? And did Sinbad enjoy eating popcorn? And, yes, I think you're rather fun.

Anonymous said...

hi wynne:
you're a riot.

thanks for all the cute notes from you when i returned from our camping trip today. you made me smile to see all those notes from you. and you bet, i meant to include you in the you make me smile award, too. you always make me smile. and thanks also for sharing the favorite scriptures with me. i'll look em up.

take care, kathleen :)

Lisa said...

I have favorite childhood trees and plants. I have never dreamt about them. I rarely remember my dreams, and lately I'm just awake every few hours for no reason at all. :( I might as well have a baby in the house.

Colleen said...

I was linked over by Sarah at Hollywood Flakes. I loove that tree and I looove Halloween, so welcome to my Google Reader!

Marie said...

I wish I'd had the Barbie dream -- that is awesome. I had really great dreams when I was a kid, but I've just become a deeper sleeper over time and I rarely remember them anymore. My favorite dreams were the falling dreams. In mine, you just fall slowly through the clouds all night, and never hit the ground. It was lovely.

I don't need a scary dream to tell me that carnivals are creepy. But what did the grandfather clocks do to you? I really want to know.

No Cool Story said...

I want to have a Legolas dream.
Instead I'm stuck with the "doll that turns her head ever so slowly and freaks me out" dream.
Oh, I LOVE Jack Skellington. I LOVE HIM.
♥ him

Carrot Jello said...

All of the sudden, Millie said everything was alright

Jean Knee said...

The Horror

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I used a Mork and Mindy lunchbox when I was a child. It made me the person I am today.

wynne said...

elastic--That explains just about everything.

jean knee-yes, indeed.

carrot--Sure. That's millie for you.

(I really ought to have a stock response for stock comments, but what should it be? "Stuff a stock in it?" But that sounds so rude.)

NCS--Just overdose on the Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean. I'm sure it'll work for you. And never underestimate the freakiness of slow-turning dolls. I never do.

marie--The barbie dream wasn't all that great. Matter of fact, it was a bit messy and violent. Are you sure you want that dream? Falling through clouds sounds much nicer. I'm a frequent flyer in my dreams these days, but I've never floated. That really sounds nice.

And the grandfather clock involved a lightning bolt and a portal, another time. Freaky imagery again.

colleen--welcome. And if you love that tree, you can HAVE IT, 'cause the thing is freaking me out!

lisa--oh dear. What's that all about? Insomnia stinketh. I greatly prefer sleep.

kathleen--welcome back from the alaskan wilderness (even though you've probably been back for days--it's me who hasn't been here.)

Scribbit said...

Those flowers almost look like hibiscus. Really beautiful.

Laura said...

When you were trying to figure out the name of the tree, I didn't realize at first you meant what type of tree it was. I thought you meant its NAME, like Joe or Bob or Scary-Dream-Inducing-Tree. But maybe if you do name it (something more serene than Scary-Dream-Inducing-Tree, which I believe is its Indian name not unlike Stands-With-A-Fist from Dancing With Wolves) then it will stop, er, inducing scary dreams.

wynne said...

I could give it a name, and it will stop being scary? Hmm, intriguing.

I christen this tree


Okay, now I'm going to go out and find one. And, er, are ALL of them named Howard now, or just that specific one that lives in the BYU married housing compound?

Laura said...

Just that specific one. All trees are individual and have individual names, duh! ;)

Laura said...

Although, if you wanted to name one near you Howard just to exorcise those tree demons about the one on the BYU campus, then go for it. Whatever helps!

wynne said...

Hey, laura?

It didn't work. Howard still creeps me out.

Matter of fact, I tried to go back to the tree in my head, and I told it:

"You are Howard."

And the three GLOWED and PULSED EVILLY, and it said:


Now what?

Melissa said...

I have some pretty creepy dreams too... but usually if they scare me it's because it involves my husband being the bad guy... yeah. He loves it when I have those dreams because I wake up mad at him :)

Laura said...

***Now what?***
Maybe it's really mad that you thought its name was Howard when really Howard is the name of the gardener who killed his mother....or something like that. Maybe a not-Howard name?

If not, I'm out.